Conservation Based Token

Virtually no cryptocurrencies exist that have a conservation-focused utility.

Incentive Is Lacking

People would love to help contribute towards protecting our planet but they have no incentive to.

Community Driven Solutions

Effective environmental conservation requires mass adoption all over the world.`

About Us

Aquari was formed in the wake of a scam in early 2021 where investors had their money stolen from the creators of a meme cryptocurrency. Distraught by the hit to their pockets fueled by meme mania, this community pondered the idea of creating their own cryptocurrency – one that had a legitimate utility and one in which it's developers would value transparency as their number one virtue. There needed to be a solid utility behind the economy of the token so that it's growth would move in tandem with market enthusiasm. As an avid lover of animals and nature, the community set out to develop a token that not only could help save the planet but also garner constant support from enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

In a short two weeks after the incident, the community organized the Aquari development team. The community was still reeling in shock and disappointment but three individuals Maciej, Misiek & Cameron offered some hope. After presenting their ideas for the token, the community jumped on board. It was at this point, the Aquari community was formed. They all had set out on creating the world's first decentralized, community governed environmental conservation organization. At this moment Aquari became a grassroots movement.

Most people aren`t willing tocontinue donating to environmental conservation regularly. It`s hardfor people to see the results of their donations thereby reducing thedesire to contribute in the future. We knew this from the beginning. We knew we had to incentivize environmental cleanup in some way. Since we are avid animal lovers and proponents of environmental conservation, the idea was born to peg that with the value of our cryptocurrency.

Today, our community expands every day and we are regularly onboarding new Aquarians across all walks of life. Whether they`re into conservation, cryptocurrencies, or both we are providing a unique opportunity to get involved with saving the planet while earning token value. Because we`re attaching a financial incentive to environmental conservation, we`re able to resonate with the masses all around the world.

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Take Action

Meet the Team

Cameron Clarke

Co-Founder, Director Of Operations

Currently working towards a BS in Computer Engineering but have IT experience. Web3 and blockchain technology is fascinating to me. I am currently apart of the Launch House community. A group of startup founders who are excited and driven on building the next generation of Web3 startups. I imagine a world where paper money is only a distant memory. A world in which we laugh at the fact that humanity had ever entrusted the coordination of our world economies to central authorities. Philosophy and Economics interest me in my free time and I love to soak in the sun at the beach playing my saxophone when I`m not tinkering with my ham radio or building drones.

Maciej Szczygieł

Co-Founder, Research & Development Director

I love how things work from the micro to macro scale. It`s my passion to bridge gaps between technical knowledge and general overview. I love to learn and research new things and understand what makes them tick. Whenever I have time I always look for new emerging technologies I can implement into the research projects I work on. I'm also a musician - DJ and guitarist. Along with Aquari, I have recently presented my research paper at the international research conference in Prague. It brings me joy to feel fulfillment in actively pursuing my childhood dream of reaching for the stars.

Misiek Sadecki

Co-Founder, Marketing & PR

I have a background in marketing and accounting.  I`m a people person – when I`m not working with hedge funds, I love investigating and understanding what makes people tick.  I have an interest in bridging communication gaps amongst cultures and causes.  I love to fish in the summertime and have cookouts with family and friends.

What to do now?

Join us as we tackle marine pollution with our partners.  Contributing to our cause can generate value on your investments - no other organization does this!

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