Incentivizing Marine Pollution Prevention

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Why Choose Us?

Countless environmental conservation organizations exist throughout the world and they all have their specialties.  Combatting marine pollution through community-driven funding is our specialty.  We are revolutionizing the way people think about saving the planet.  No other conservation organization financially incentivizes people to contribute regularly to fight pollution.

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How We Differ From Others





We lose focus when authorities handle pollution

Place the power in people`s hands


Centralized decisions from authorities are not entirely beneficial for conservation efforts such as preventing marine pollution, recycling programs, or cleanup projects.  Oftentimes, the focus of the problem gets diluted and projects get delayed or underfunded due to bureaucracy.  

Aquari supporters vote on what we do with the capital raised for funding our partners.  That means we don`t have ulterior motives, decisions are made from a consensus, and there are no centralized biases factored in.  We do what the community wants!


Limited funding prevents conservation efforts

Provide a reliable source of regular funding


Funding for conservation organizations is often limited and does not serve to propel projects forward or expand the scope of operations. Relying on one-time donations or grants isn`t sustainable nor effective.

We foster a lifestyle change for the masses where it pays to contribute regularly.  Your earning potential increases with the number of Aquari tokens you possess.  Instead of relying on random donations, organizations can now rely on continuous funding.


Pollution Awareness Isn`t Enough

Incentivize Environmental  Conservation


Although people are aware of the harm that pollution has on the environment, they are generally not interested in doing anything about it.  The simple fact is that most people won`t act unless there is a personal benefit that comes out of it.

Your Aquari token holdings allow you to earn passively because of the value it generates from the cryptocurrency market.  For every token holder, you are earning while fighting pollution.  The more you contribute, the more you stand to earn.

Everyone Should Join

Aquari provides a financial incentive to join the fight against marine pollution.  No longer do we need to rely on governments or central authoritative figures to drive conservation projects forward.  We as a community have the power to make decisions together.


Anyone who would like to be active in saving the planet should join us in the fight to prevent marine pollution.  Seasoned veterans or those that have experience in organizing events, donating to causes, or even picking up trash are welcomed.  We take a different and more efficient approach:  fund organizations so they can do their job better..


Not everyone understands the severity of our global pollution problem or is interested in being part of the fight.  This leads to people not caring enough to do anything about it.  Whether you`re mildly interested in pollution prevention, protecting sea life, or making a solid investment, we`ve got you covered.  You should join if this resonates with you because through Aquari you can do the right thing while earning at the same time.


Blockchain technology allowed us to create our token which enables investors to earn by trading or holding it.  Our AquaVote governance system allows token holders to vote on funding allocations and ultimately the direction of conservation efforts.

What`s In It For You?

We know people are aware of the detrimental effects of pollution.  Most do not know enough about it or care enough to do anything about it.  Now that we have attached a financial incentive with conservation efforts, you can enjoy the fruits of token appreciation just by holding them.

Your ability to earn is amplified based on your contributions to the cause.  The more you contribute, the more you`ll be funding organizations that help to combat marine pollution.  Simply put, you`ll earn while you save the planet.

Aquari uses blockchain technology to fight marine pollution.  Aquari token was created so people can use it for commerce just like any other currency.  We designed the token so that once you purchase them, you can hold on to them and over time your holdings stand to appreciate.

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